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Gender Equal Small Arms Control: Towards Bullet-Proof Inclusion

The Gender Equality Network for Small Arms Control (GENSAC) aims to make Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) control more gender responsive and amplify international, regional, national and local best practices of those who have been doing “arms control behind the curtain”, including representative from civil society organizations, women’s groups, conflict prevention and development communities.

Its purpose is to serve as a platform for promoting effective participation of women on all policy- and decision-making levels, strengthening operational support for more gender-sensitive design and implementation and building an evidence base for effective gender responsive SALW control, especially in processes of regional SALW control. It targets to foster cross-regional learning through focused knowledge and experience-sharing among regionally diverse groups of women’s rights groups and technical experts on gender and/or SALW control.

In this way, GENSAC strives to create synergies and build on existing structures that have been created in light of the Women Peace and Security Agenda (including the African Women Leaders Network and the Gender Champions Disarmament Impact Group), international platforms such as the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the International Action Network on Small Arms, as well as regional organizations and national SALW commissions.

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We welcome members from Latin America and the Caribbean, Western Balkans and Ukraine, and from across Africa, to join us in elevating gender sensitive responses to small arms control.

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